• PSA Epic Sample Pack

PSA Epic Sample Pack

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Featuring a variety of whey based proteins, plant & vegetable based proteins, Spark; our all natural pre-workout, flavoured BCAA and Restore Recovery & Rehydration supplements. We’ve also got our nifty multi-compartment shaker in there as well.

This epic sampler pack contains:

1 x PSA Multi-compartment Shaker
1 x WPI Pure
1 x Slow and Grow Casein Chocolate
1 x WPI Vanilla
1 x WPC Pure
1 x PaleoPro Vanilla
1 x 360Whey Vanilla
1 x BioPro Chocolate & Hazelnut
1 x BioPro Vanilla & Cinnamon
1 x PeaPro Vanilla
1 x PeaPro Chocolate
1 x Spark Strawberry & Passionfruit
1 x BCAA Lemonade
1 x Restore Pine / Coconut