• Plant Based Protein Sampler

Plant Based Protein Sampler



For many, whey, lactose and dairy in general can irritate allergies and sensitivities for several reasons, and until the last few years finding options away from whey were slim. But in the last decade, we’ve seen breakthroughs in the development of nutritionally complete, high protein alternatives ideal for sports supplementation, weight control or to fuel an active lifestyle.

Our BioPro, Raw PeaPro and Raw RicePro are shining examples of those breakthroughs. BioPro is, by far, our most amazing product — we’re incredibly proud of it’s excellent digestibility & absorption rate along with its knack of avoiding any allergy set-offs, leading it to be the main contender to whey for the number one spot of rich protein sources. So along with BioPro in this sampler pack is Raw PeaPro and Raw RicePro which are both power-packed veggie protein sources that are worth your attention. For further breakdown on the benefits of each product, see below the description below.

1 x BioPro Chocolate & Hazelnut 30g  (most popular)
1 x BioPro Vanilla & Cinnamon 30g  (smooth)
1 x RicePro Pure 30g  (top seller)
1 x PeaPro Vanilla 30g  (favourite)
1 x PeaPro Chocolate 30g  (tastes great)