• L-Glutamine & BioPro Winter Bundle Pack

L-Glutamine & BioPro Winter Bundle Pack



For many, whey, lactose and dairy can irritate allergies & sensitivities and finding an alternative can be difficult. But in the last decade, we’ve seen a breakthrough in the development of nutritionally complete, high protein alternatives ideal for sports supplementation, weight control or to fuel an active lifestyle. These two products are great examples of those breakthroughs and are a foundation for any athlete, of any type, to look after their insides!

A great natural combo to fortify your immune system for winter.  

There’s an art to making great products and our L-Glutamine is one of our masterpieces. Created via a fermentation process from vegetable based sources we are able to extract a highly pure and premium quality product. L-Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning the body can make it, however, in times of stress (physical and mental) such as illness and intense physical exercise the body struggles to create enough and it becomes essential, which means it can only be sourced from the diet. L-Glutamine plays extremely important roles in many bodily functions. It’s noted that L-Glutamine may assist with digestive health, immune support, muscle support, and energy levels amongst many other incredible benefits!

BioPro, is by, our most amazing product. We’re incredibly proud of it’s excellent absorption rate and it’s knack of avoiding any allergy set-offs, leading it to be the main contender to whey for the number one spot of rich protein sources. It’s also a complete protein, meaning it contains all of the essential and non-essential amino acids. It’s a 90% protein and is completely free from sugar, fat and sodium and is gluten free, wheat free and vegan friendly.

Buy the bundle and save 20% on RRP.

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Good work

A lot better this time. Products are fantastic. Very happy.

Thanks for leaving 5 stars and kind words Matt! We appreciate your time and efforts :) Enjoy