• Hot Body Shape Up (Dairy) Bundle Pack

Hot Body Shape Up (Dairy) Bundle Pack



We’ve put the key products that can help your hot body shape up together in a neat little package! These products combined with a hard work ethic will see some amazing results to your fitness goals.

This bundle pack contains the following: 

500g  WPI Fast release, high protein 
High 90% protein, assists with muscle recovery & repair

250g  Spark – All natural pre-workout in Strawberry & Passionfruit flavour
Increase energy, physical & mental performance

200g  Alcar (Acetyl L-Carnitine) Pure unflavoured
Assists with weight management & increase energy

Plus a variety of other flavours to test
WPI Strawberry/Acai + 360Whey Choc + Paleo Pro Choc (Ok, this isn’t dairy but you might just love it) + Spark Pineapple/Coconut & Restore Blood Orange.

Your body needs the correct fuel to power it throughout the day, when we add physical activity or high intensity exercise into the mix we are actively increasing our energy output so the body’s nutritional demands are going to increase dramatically. In this neat little package, we’ve put the key products that can help your ‘hot body shape up’ together …plus a variety of other flavours to test out!

WPI Fast release is considered the king of whey! Being low fat, low carb, low G.I, GMO free and rich in amino acids it’s a great source of protein to assist with muscle recovery and repair. Being an isolate, it’s fast to breakdown, highly digestible and instantised for easy mixing into your post workout shakes, smoothies and desserts. Crafted under favourable low temperature conditions using advanced technology to maximise quality, our WPI is considered to be in it’s true native state where a majority of the denatured whey, fat and lactose is stripped out during sensitive low heat filtration leaving only the good stuff!

Spark, the one & only all natural pre-workout in a delicious Strawberry & Passionfruit flavour! A carefully considered blend of amino acids put together in the perfect ratio to enhance your performance and intensify your workouts. Spark was created in the search of a natural alternative to the common pre-workouts found in most supplements stores, which are believed to be poisoning people with synthetic additives, banned stimulants and toxic ingredients they couldn’t pronounce. We’ve managed to make a product that is completely natural and packs a punch without making you feel like your brain will explode! An antioxidant, assisting with increasing your physical & mental performance, is gluten free, lactose free, contains no added sugar and definitely no artificial additives or colours.

Alcar (Acetyl L-Carnitine) is a natural form of L-Carnitine that is created in the body, and is used for various functions including lipid (fatty acid) and carbohydrate metabolism basically transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria which is turned into energy. This energy and conversion is essential for various functions in the body such as in the heart, brain and muscle movement. Alcar may assist with weight loss, mental focus, memory and support healthy brain function. Completely pure product & free from additives!

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Great service, one of the items in the pack wasn’t available so I was given the same product in a larger size, very appreciative. Thanks guys!

Thanks Christine, nice to hear that we sorted it out for you and you're happy with our service.